Poster, Ad and Art Collection

Poster, Ad and Art Collection from various sources all over the world, Please enjoy:
1775-1783 American Revolutionary War

1861-1865 American Civil War

1898 Spanish–American War

1900-1914 Beginning of 1900's

1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War

1914-1918 World War I

Russian Civil War

Finnish Civil War

1918-1939 Interwar Period

1919-1921 Polish-Soviet War

1936-1939 Spanish Civil War

1939-1945 World War II

1945-1991 Cold War

1950-1953 Korean War

1955-1975 Vietnam War

1979-1989 Soviet Afghanistan War

1990-1991 Gulf War

1991- Modern Era

1998-1999 Kosovo War

2001- War in Afghanistan

2003-2011 Iraq War





Bus Companies

Car Accessories











We have collected and published these to document our history. We don’t share the political idea of those and specially those racial ones are completely against everything we believe.

We want to keep this site completely legal and therefore always add the source where the picture is taken from.

If you are a legal owner of any material in the site and do not want to have it here, please inform us and it will be removed asap. (Mailbox is not monitored 24/7, but quite constantly anyhow)

We do not have any of these posters, and we do not sell those or produce any material commercially from those.

If you have any interesting material which we could add to this site, please do not hesitate to send it in. Do not also forget to mention the origin of it and if we may “credit” your contribution by mentioning your name/userid or not.

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