Rambler Ads and Posters


Rambler Ads and Posters

The first use of the name Rambler for an American made automobile dates to 1897 when Thomas B. Jeffery of Chicago, Illinois and builder of the Rambler bicycle, constructed his first prototype automobile.
After receiving positive reviews at the 1899 Chicago International Exhibition & Tournament and the first National Automobile Show in New York City, Jeffery decided to enter the automobile business. In 1900, he bought the old Sterling Bicycle Co. factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and set up shop.
Jeffery started commercially mass-producing automobiles in 1902 and by the end of the year had produced 1,500 motorcars, one-sixth of all existing in the USA at the time. The Thomas B. Jeffery Company was the second largest auto manufacturer at that time, (behind Oldsmobile).
The Rambler marque was continued in numerous international markets. Examples include contemporary versions of the AMC Hornet, AMC Javelin and AMC Matador assembled in Australia by Australian Motor Industries (AMI) from complete knock down (CKD) kits which continued to be badged as Ramblers until 1978.

The Rambler nameplate was last used on automobiles in 1983 by Vehículos Automotores Mexicanos (VAM) in Mexico.

In Argentina, Rambler passenger cars were assembled by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA) commencing 1962. A special model based on the third generation Rambler American became the IKA Torino in 1967. It later was named the Renault Torino and was offered until 1980. However, U.S. Rambler Classic and Ambassador models were also assembled in Argentina through 1972

Advertising material in this page is from 1900’s to 1960’s from various sources all over the world.


Rambler Ads and Posters:


Ads and Posters – 1900’s


Ads and Posters – 1910’s


Ads and Posters – 1950’s


Ads and Posters – 1960’s


Ads and Posters – 1970’s


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